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Want to know how to get the best deal for your home today?

Anyone can sell a home.  The challenge is obtaining the deal that works for you. 

Getting the highest and best price in the shortest amount of time in current residential real estate market conditions does not happen by chance. Securing the right deal requires a bit of art and some science combined with a little finesse to makes it happen. 


Understanding how to get the best deal while navigating the pitfalls that can torpedo your plans requires experience, dedication, and strong communication.  Honeyrock Real Estate Group excels in all three areas.


Combining state of the art marketing with old school networking we know how to get your home sold.   Utilizing the top social media platforms to showcase your home, deploying marketing campaigns online, and in the real world that target the type of people most likely to buy your home we create opportunities to get your house sold.  Our clients have their property seen on all the top home search platforms, we get you seen.  The extra step we take is to position you in the marketplace. 


In this season of COVID 19 we create virtual 3D tours, virtual open houses and for those who like to see the property in person, we set you up for success and safety by supplying masks, gloves, and shoe coverings for people who tour your property.  By following the best practices our purpose is to get the deal done safely.    



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